Antonio Scaccabarozzi Merate (LC, Italy) 1936 - Santa Maria Hoè (LC, Italy) 2008

In 1951 starts working in Milan at a photolithography Studio as a  designer.
In 1959 he obtains a diploma by the Castello Sforzesco's arts school in Milan.He moves to Paris where he lives from 1960 to 1965. During this time he works as decorator in theatre and movie productions.
His first exhibition is in Elio Agresti’s Center Milan in 1965.
He lived and worked, for a long time, in Montevecchia, Italy.

  •  1965 Abstract painting.
  • 1966 Makes works founded on methodological development of a program. The continuous renovation of the rules, reveals unexpected interesting aspects.
  • 1979 The measurements have lost their structural consistency.

  • 1983 The feature of this period works’is based in the conviction that; stretching a quantity of colour, is yet making painting.

  • 1995 The piece of art becomes an object that splits and contains the space.

  • 1996 The background is involved and integrated while is seen through the Piece of art.

  • 2001 Geography.  The title of these works is the name of the place where the material-colour polyethylene has been bought. The material bought in different places, shows its casual difference of colour. 

  • 2002 Ekeipsis.  Works composed from two chromatic bodies, fixed at short distance one upon the other. When the spectator moves changing his point of view, the surface that covers the other which is under it, moves too, covering it completely. The previous sensation is fully changed.

  • 2003 Banchise. There is something that is kept in a measure, between clearly visible reality and another, a more secret one.

  • 2005 Velature. Paintings