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    The Archivio (Estate) Antonio Scaccabarozzi was founded in November 2010, two years after the artist's death.

    The Archivio, created at the wish of the artist's heir, Anastasia Rouchota, aims to exhibit, promote and protect the body of work produced by the artist during his career of over forty years, to increase its circulation and exhibition in public and private spaces.

    In order to reach these objectives the Archivio has begun an inventory of all the artworks produced by Scaccabarozzi, those from his own collection and those currently existing in public or private collections, aiming to complete the archiving process and start drafting the general catalogue of work.

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    Written on Saturday, 07 May 2022 09:47
  • Existenz Minimum. Antonio Scaccabarozzi, Esther Stocker, Francesca Pasquali
    Existenz Minimum. Antonio Scaccabarozzi, Esther Stocker, Francesca Pasquali The Archivio Antonio Scaccabarozzi is pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition Existenz Minimum. Antonio Scaccabarozzi, Esther Stocker, Francesca Pasquali Curated by …
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  • "L'incontro", Antonio Scaccabarozzi - Roy Thurston
    "L'incontro", Antonio Scaccabarozzi - Roy Thurston Galleria Clivio is pleased to host in its venue in Milan the exhibition entitled "The Encounter", dedicated to the artists Roy Thurston (Huntington, New York,…
    Written on Monday, 13 September 2021 12:08
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