• 2015_03 - Nothing but pure colour, Scaccabarozzi the essentialist (da "La Repubblica" 21st March 2015)

There are those who have transformed artistic materials into an art form, such as the paint tins packaged by Christo or the immersed brushes by Jim Dine. And those who have given body to abstract concepts, such as the “line” put in a box by Manzoni.  Antonio Scaccabarozzi (1936-2008) chose to focus on colour eliminating all else . Away with the backing support, away with tools, away with form.  Only pure colour , materialising out of thin air like  breathe when crystalized by the cold. The results are clouds of celestial  colour suspended in space,  thanks  to the putty-like mix and invisible polythene support.

The beautiful series “essenziale” with its free brushstrokes, painted directly on an unprepared surface , or “Quantita”, measured doses of a specific colour (blue, ultramarine)  spread on various surfaces. A scientific breakdown of  the elements  of a picture, which in this exhibition curated by Elizabetta Longari, follows the discovery of geometric and perceptual abstract postwar work, from Bonalumi to Dadamaino, an invitation to enroll the Merate artist in the annals of the great.