• 2011 - Alfabeti della Mente, Galleria P420 Arte Contemporanea, Bologna

"The choice of the dot as a not very widespread element satisfies the need to isolate it in the field. Its circular form gives it an anonymous nature, neutral, open in all directions to relationships with other dots that denote the structural space- distance value that holds them in tension.

The type of organisation (layout) determines: the distances, the arrangement ofthe individuai dots, the groups, the size and the colours.

The ways of organising these works are aimed at distin- guishing verticals from horizontals with the dots that imply them. One of these ways is the distinction performed on the different sizes in the case ofmono-colour, but usually I prefer to diminish the actual colour to tones and semitones, from a maximum to a minimum by adding white.

[ ... ] The character of signal that the dot has in my works reveals it as an entity inseparable from colour and is used with- out subjective, symbolic or allusive-naturalistic assumptions and neither objective assumptions referred to psychological or chromatologic states.

It is used for what it is, that is, a raw material.

[ ... ] The employment of such media seems to me to adapt to the need to have direct control over the operation that from a menta I activity becomes a physical activity and then a poetic result."


Antonio Scaccabarozzi, from Colore, Premio Silvestro Lega, 1976 and from the catalogue for the exhibition held at Santelmo Gallery, Salò, 1972.

Additional Info

  • Museo/Galleria: Galleria P420 Arte Contemporanea, Bologna
  • Periodo: October 2011
  • Artisti: Irma Blank, Dadamaino, Hanne darboven, Mirta Dermisache, Leòn FerrRI, Marcia Hafif, Anna Maria Maiolino, Edda Renouf, antonio Scaccabarozzi, Jan Schoonhoven