• 2019_03 - Transient, solo show in Brescia (IT)

The Antonio Scaccabarozzi Archive is pleased to announce you that in March 16th there has been opened the Antonio Scaccabarozzi's solo show


at Spazio contemporanea, corsetto Sant'Agata, 22 – Brescia (IT), and will continue untill the 14th of April 2019

The exhibition will be curated by Camilla Remondina for the curatorial team ACME Art Lab.

ACME Art Lab is composed of two other exhibitions:

  • GeminantisLaura Renna and Silvia Inselvini's bipersonal, curated by Melania Raimondi (at Spazio contemporanea)

  • ContaminazioniFrancesca Pasquali's solo show, curated by Alessia Belotti(at Bunker)

The event is realized as final project of First level degree of these three young curators at the Academy of Fine Arts SantaGiulia in Brescia, coordinated by Ilaria Bignotti, mentor and teacher at the same Academy.